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My arrival
Born in Melaka on 9 July 1992
Graduated from SMK Gajah Berang, Melaka
That was the stage of life that I think had shaped my character. I was an active member of St John Ambulance. I represented Malacca state for National First Aid Competition in 2008 and my team won as first place in one of the categories. I subsequently became the president of the club.
After stepping down as president, I joined a band, contested and performed in various events as guitarist (sometimes bassist because I don't own an electric guitar).
Enrolled in University of Melbourne, Australia
People consider university time as the best time of their life and I couldn't agree more. This was a decision made by my late father as my intention earlier was to study Medicine in Malaysia. He encouraged me to take up Commerce instead. I enjoyed it nonetheless.
I'll spend some words writing my experiences in university as this is important and relevant to who I am and what I do today.
Participated in Student Council election and elected as a councilor in University of Melbourne Student Council (UMSC)
At the time I agreed to contest using the ticket of a student coalition affiliated with Australian Labour party, I was already holding several positions in at least 4 other clubs and societies, including Malaysian Students' Council of Australia, also known as MASCA.
I was elected as the only Malaysian councilor in UMSC.
I began involving myself more and more in student bodies that commit to civic and social causes.
Monash University Foundation Year
The year I really got down to business to brush up my command in English. Before college, I couldn't really speak fluently in English (though I scored A in SPM). I graduated as one of the Top 10 students of MUFY who were offered scholarship to Monash University - one of the Group of Eight Universities of Australia. 
I graduated in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance major). I was determined to come back to Malaysia. First reason is family, and second reason is because I believe in being part of the change Malaysia needed. 
Quick reminder: that was 2013, where the opposition won 50.8% popularity votes in general election but still remained opposition due to gerrymandering. I was 2 months too young from being eligible to vote.
Kerk Melaka
3 years of investment banking
It was my first job I got after I graduated from university. I went through steep learning curve throughout my first year at work, and it was a great experience to me.
Old habits die hard. I got myself involved in organisation of company events / activities that I believe was crucial in the upkeep of employees' morale. 
Joining DAP full-time
It was early 2017. The sentiment was telling everybody to expect general election in July. I asked my late father if he would allow me to volunteer in DAP's events on my non-working days to experience the temperature at the front line.
My dad did not like me being involved in politics. He hesitated about my request, but eventually allowed me to quit my bank and join DAP full-time in June because volunteering wouldn't gain much experience. His initial understanding was for me to join for few months before moving on to another company. 
I was driven and motivated since my first day in DAP and I got myself more and more involved in activities and meetings. Leaving DAP and going back to corporate world did not cross my mind at all.
9 August
The passing of my father
Having fought with cancer recurrence for 2 years and suffered from countless sleepless night of pain and torture, my father passed away on 9 August 2017 as a result of a surgery complication for his Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - which is non-cancer related. 
None of us expected the complication to occur because of the low statistical probability that came with it. It was no doubt the hardest moment for me and my family. I lost a father who inspired me and understood me so much.
Vote Kerk Chee Yee
Kerk Kuala Lumpur KL
Kerk Chee Yee speaks for DAP
Kerk join DAP Pakatan Harapan
Kerk Investment Banker
Kerk Chee Yee
Kerk represent Melaka
23 August
Appointed as YB Lim Kit Siang's political secretary
At the memorial night for my late father, when YB Lim Kit Siang was giving his speech, he announced my appointment as his political secretary.
My journey with politics has officially begun that night.
I'm here now joining the forces of fellow Malaysians to fight for a better nation and against a regime that's doing the exact opposite.
Let us fight with courage, confidence and hope, for a better Malaysia and a better tomorrow.
Kerk Chee Yee elected Political Secretary for Lim Kit Siang, DAP
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