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Hi, I’m Kerk Chee Yee.


I was born and bred in the beautiful state of Melaka. I grew up in a family with political background. Thanks to my late father, Kerk Kim Hock (DAP’s fourth secretary-general), I was privileged to be exposed to politics much earlier in life compared to my peers. Because of that, turning Malaysian’s Malaysia a reality has always been my dream.


When I was studying commerce in the University of Melbourne, I’ve been involving myself in clubs and societies that commit to civic/social causes. I held positions in various student organisations and constantly voiced out for all Malaysians studying abroad – advocating issues they cared for the most.


I then worked as an investment banker in KL for 3 years before I joined DAP full-time in June 2017. I was subsequently appointed as the political secretary to DAP Parliamentary Leader YB Lim Kit Siang in August 2017.


I have many beliefs and visions:


  1. I'm a firm believer in social justice and a cohesive Malaysian society.
    We live in a nation governed by a system that is far from perfect. I see many honest, hardworking and kind Malaysians not being rewarded with what they deserve for their dedication to the country. And I blame it to a system built on the wrong foundation, on the regime created by the few, for the few.


  2. I look forward to building Malaysian’s Malaysia
    where all Malaysians, regardless of their race, creed or religion, will be able to express and exercise their aspirations for Malaysia, propelling Malaysia into a path heading towards a politically, economically and socially advanced nation.


  3. I want all our Youths to have the audacity to imagine a better Malaysia.
    Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, I believe we should bring them up in an environment that allows them to be free of fear to imagine and voice for the country. We’ve had enough politicians and activists being thrown into jail for voicing out for what they think is right. We’ve had too much truth being covered and buried from the public. Our youths need to be groomed to ask the right questions, and work towards improving every aspect of the country.


In a nation with diverse cultural background, there must be structural efforts initiated and supported by adequate political will to keep cohesiveness in the society going. We still have a long way to achieve this dream. Support me and DAP in realising the above.

[the above text was written in March, 2018]


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