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Tangga Batu MP’s prayer proves that constituencies under a ministerial figure may not necessarily re

I refer to the news “Deputy minister’s antics get road in Melaka repaired quickly”

It is both unbelievable and amusing to learn that a Deputy Minister from Barisan Nasional was performing prayer in front of a pothole wishing to get it fixed by the local authority.

As pointed out by Abu Bakar, he had in a week ago highlighted the pothole issue to the district council requesting for repair. While his intention is good, we must be clear that it is a basic duty of the local authority to ensure any reports of pothole to be attended to as soon as it is received.

What’s more amusing is that Abu Bakar, as both the Member of parliament of Tangga Batu and a deputy minister, had to resort to performing prayer in front of the pothole just to grab the attention from local council.

We can learn 2 things from Abu Bakar’s deed:

1) Constituencies held by ministerial figure may not necessarily receive VIP treatment. Some ministers from BN like to garner votes on the narrative that, due to their ministerial positions, they can better take care of the voters in the constituencies. What Tangga Batu MP has done immediately dismissed that illusion. Abu Bakar is both the MP for Tangga Batu and a deputy minister of MOSTI (Science, Technology and Innovation Minister). Yet his report to the district council a week ago was not even attended to. The pothole was only miraculously attended to after his posting on Facebook on his prayer performed in front of the pothole.

2) BN’s incompetence is further revealed. Was Abu Bakar aware that both the district council and state government of Malacca are under the purview of Barisan Nasional? It is the basic duty of local councils to take care of issues such as potholes and other facilities. The ruling government is supposed to provide and take care of all facilities, as well as attend to complaints by the public. Why was Abu Bakar doing the job of the opposition, who sometimes have to assist members of the public in lodging complaints? Abu Bakar’s deed totally revealed the incompetence of a Barisan Nasional government.

If a MP and Deputy Minister of Barisan Nasional had to resort to prayer for their duty to be completed, what more can we expect from them in governing our nation?

Why not ministers in the Barisan Nasional pray for better economy for Malaysians in view that our Prime Minister refuses to even acknowledge that Malaysians are facing economic challenges?

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