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2017 Merdeka - let's work together with courage, confidence, and hope

"Do you love Malaysia?" If you pose this question to any primary students, they will all answer yes. However as they grow up, they may, just like some of us, begin to change their opinions on this place that we call home. As a relatively young country, we have come across plenty of challenges. One of the challenges that we still face today is that people sometimes lose hope in Malaysia, and they do not believe that they are capable in bringing better change to the cause they believe in. This is part of the reasons why many are leaving Malaysia, both physically and spiritually. Perhaps they are too carried away chasing personal advancement, perhaps they find greater affinity in another home, or perhaps, the nation has yet to break the few barriers before the people can again place their hope on the nation to be a home their children and grandchildren will reside and prosper. We must realise that all of us are responsible in building a better nation just as much as we have the rights to enjoy it. We must remember that whatever we struggle to dream today will be the reality of our future. It doesn't matter who you are, what your skin colour or religion is, or what do you work as. When we work hand-in hand, we will accomplish great things. Malaysia is a great nation for many reasons - we are blessed with natural resources, strategic geographical location, rich cultural traits, diverse community and background, great source of talents, and you name it. We have all the reasons to love her. And we do not give up on her. The fight for a just, democratic, prosperous Malaysia is an endurance test to our desire to thrive and the durability of our principles. It may take decades, if not centuries, before we can enjoy the fruits of our struggles. But every step counts. The consequences of our inaction today will be borne by our children in the future, perhaps at a higher price. We must remain hopeful. We must let our hearts beat true to our country. We must work together with courage, confidence, and hope. Let us change the nation together, for a better tomorrow. Happy Merdeka day, fellow Malaysians!

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