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Bersih 4

不少人对 Bersih 4 的意义认知有所误会,认为此集会是无谓及庸俗的示威,也认为透过示威抗议领导者是对司法的不尊重。但他们忽略了民主的精神。



Many do not fully understand the purpose of Bersih 4 and claim that it's politically unethical, unprincipled, and barbaric. They also claim that a democratically elected leader should be respected and not be challenged. However they may have misunderstood the principles of a democratic society.

Peaceful rally is the one of the most important elements in democracy. It is proper, constitutional and politically right to make one's stand clear and heard through rally. A leader with integrity and principle should respect the rally by making responsible remarks, good refutation or corresponding action.

The fight for democracy is tough and often involves sacrifices but one is never alone in this struggle. Let's not give up on our dream for a better nation!

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