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GE13 - We are all winners

May 5th 2013 is a meaningful day for Malaysia. It's a day where many Malaysians cried. But we all are the winners of this election. All of us.

Some say elections make Malaysians divisive. I would say it brings us together, different ideology but same goal, stronger than ever.

I have seen people who did not know the difference between parliament and DUN talked about two party system. I have seen people who couldn't care less about who the opposition leaders are talked about what an ideal Malaysia should look like. I have seen people who didn't like politics news struggled to urge others to vote wisely.

Voters shouted Ubah not solely because they are supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, but for reasons, for our hopes, for our beliefs, for the fact that we are definitely able to bring changes to Malaysia, so that the next generation will enjoy what we can't today. It's seen from the 80% turnout that more people appreciate the nation's election and tried very hard to make each and every of our vote count. Pakatan Rakyat supporters are firm about what they are after, and Barisan National supporters are more determined in defending what they want. It's a good sign about wider and stronger political awareness amongst the people. This is a victory for all.

Malaysia is not the government, but us. We are Malaysia. We are what Malaysia is made up of. As part of Malaysia our duty and power is far more than casting votes in election. Care about the community around us, identify the problems Malaysia is facing and do your best to solve them, reach out to people who need help, equip yourself with knowledge and skills, and most importantly, love Malaysia. It's ours and we do not leave it behind no matter what happens.

I will be an eligible voter in next election and I'm now more firm about what I believed since I was a kid.

My fellow Malaysians, no matter who you are, our responsibility and power are just as great as everyone else, including our politicians, our Perdana Menteri. Let's all pick up our responsibility and make Malaysia a better nation for our children.

I love Malaysia.

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