Melaka Perikatan Nasional state government - a regime that has failed in legitimating itself

During the Melaka state assembly held in July, the word ‘pengkhianatan’ had caused commotion in the hall [Refer Link 1]. Former Pakatan Harapan—now Perikatan Nasional—EXCO protested the use of the word by Pakatan Harapan reps, claiming that it is hurtful ("menyakitkan hati", as per Section 20 (m) (iii) of Standing Orders of the State Legislative Assembly), and that it was an inaccurate accusation, because what they had done was not a betrayal, but supposedly ‘saving the country’. Whether or not the word ‘pengkhianatan’ was an accurate description for their defection that formed the Perikatan Nasional regime, is still up for debate. However, this much is certain: the Perikatan Nasional regime